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Marvel Contest of Champions is an amazing game, where superheroes could spend their time putting out fires or getting animals out of danger, but we already have normal heroes to handle problems like these. By adding the word super to the front of hero, there is only one thing they are found doing and that is punching and kicking the bad guys. But here, in the case of Marvel Contest of Champions, what they do is punching and kicking other amazing superheroes. This fact makes the game special and that is why everyone is so crazy about this game. It is a battle between two superheroes… a splendid superhero versus another amazing superhero, fighting till the end, pushing their boundaries.

You will definitely enjoy the game because of its brilliant concept and fantastic gameplay. Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that twists the simple genre, though that does not make it any less enjoyable for the players. Even after saying that, if you are coming to Marvel Contest of Champions looking for a beginner fighter level of complexity, then maybe you are not suitable for the game. Though, if you can find happiness in a simple action of swipes and the fever of landing countless punches and kicks, then only you can try Marvel Contest of Champions. In this game you need to create your very own team of Marvel superheroes and start fighting with other Marvel superheroes. The interesting factor of superhero versus superhero fight will keep you on the edge of your seat. Marvel Contest of Champions did enough to get its hooks into the players quite easily. The battle techniques are easy to learn, with all fighters having the same move set. You will slide, swipe and tap to complete basic attacks, swipe backwards to move away from your rival and hold your finger or long press to the screen, to block your opponent's move and power up a strong attack that you have planned.

After taking a couple of hits and getting injured, you will see a special meter on the screen that provides power to your character’s one unique move. This move is believed to be the player's signature move. This is an amazing feature of the game, which bounds all the characters to play in the same manner. You need to understand that different move sets do not necessarily mean fun gameplay, nor does fun gameplay guarantees different move sets. Here, choosing different superheroes will not give you much benefit.

In this game, without much to differentiate between the characters beside their look and special signature move, you might not get excited during every second match that you play. The fact is, only if you are a huge Marvel comics fan, like many out there, maybe then you will be calculating the possibility of getting Deadpool or Black Panther on your side. But if you are just a regular player without any knowledge about these superheroes or just playing the game for endless battles, then probably you will not care about choosing one superhero over the other. You will treat these superheroes like any other normal gaming character and will not think twice before selecting any one of them as your chosen fighter. In Marvel Contest of Champions superhero distribution is done randomly; it is just as likely that you will get stuck with any dull character. Because of the random distribution process and not having enough knowledge about Marvel superheroes, you may play the entire game with not-so- famous characters.

Even after playing the game for a short while, you will understand that Marvel Contest of Champions is not for everybody. If you are a person who prefers complex or out of the box moves and huge variety of moves that different players can invent or create, then this game will be too shallow for you to keep your interest intact. Though, it is perfect for you if you are looking for a simple game that is enjoyable and accessible at the same time. And if you are a die hard Marvel fan then also you will enjoy it very much as you are familiar with the characters or superheroes. A fight between your favorite superheroes will keep you engaged. Either way, Marvel Contest of Champions is an amazing game to add to your collection.

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